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Rumbo Pura Vida Multiplaza Escazú opens its doors to the public, becoming the first Rumbo Shop store in a Street Location

With the aim of promoting local purchasing from national entrepreneurs and making a 'piece' of Costa Rica more accessible to different parts of the world, Morpho Travel Experience has opened its first store outside of airports under the name 'Rumbo Pura Vida Costa Rica.'

The new establishment is located in Multiplaza Escazú, in the third phase. The 190m2 space represented an investment of approximately US$200,000.

"Rumbo Pura Vida is our commitment to take what we know as a country's 'sense of place' to the next level in terms of service points. In doing so, we bring to life a project that becomes the first one outside of the Juan Santamaría and Guanacaste international airports, offering consumers the opportunity to purchase products made by Costa Rican artisans," said Adriana Echandi, CEO of Morpho Travel Experience.

Echandi added: "We are supporting over 30 Costa Rican entrepreneurs from different regions of the country, contributing to their development, creating linkages, and indirectly providing employment for many families."

Morpho Travel Experience is replicating the evolution of its 'sense of place' concept in the more than 10 countries in the region where it operates, primarily in airports. However, the store opened in Multiplaza Escazú becomes the first location in a shopping center, expanding opportunities for customers to acquire products from national entrepreneurs, artisans, sports and beach articles, as well as the product portfolio of the Britt brand.

The new establishment features different product categories, including textiles made from organic bamboo fiber, ecological jute bags, and bags made from recycled bottles. It also offers sunglasses made from bottle caps, which have UV protection and feature designs inspired by the beaches of Costa Rica.

In terms of crafts, it offers souvenirs created with wood from sustainable resources, always under the concept that evokes Costa Rican identity. The store also offers products from Café Britt and Britt Espresso, the main supplier of our stores.

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