Our Responsibility Ambitions

Our Goals


  • Support communities close to our locations through our volunteer program.

  • Support organizations in the development of environmental projects that contribute to the protection of biodiversity and natural resources

  • Develop public-private partnerships aimed at entrepreneurs.

  • Develop environmental management programs that allow the company to operate in compliance with applicable legislation and in harmony with the environment.

  • Develop environmental programs that aim to reduce our impact on the local environment and raise awareness among employees and customers.

  • Supervise the plans and actions needed to obtain environmental certifications applicable to our operations.  

Our Achievements

  • More than 300 children in at-risk schools in Costa Rica receive textbooks.

  • Annually, more than 500 employees participate in our volunteer program.

  • During 2017, we processed around 110 tons of recyclable materials at our corporate locations in Colombia, Peru, and Costa Rica.

  • We incorporate responsible waste management into our remodeling and construction processes.

  • We have integrated over XXX local artisans into our supply chain.