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Covering the 71% of Earth’s surface, the oceans are essential to keep our planet healthy. They provide a great variety of ecological services such as generating half of the oxygen we breathe, regulating climate and being home to an abundant marine life.


Additionally, oceans are critical to people’s well being by providing food, jobs, and recreation.


Shelly is a sea turtle that journeys across the oceans looking for places to eat, rest and hang out.

Although Shelly seems like any stuffed toy, she is quite different: 17 plastic bottles were recycled and used to create Shelly’s body and travel backpack.


As our Traveling Ambassador, Shelly aligns herself with our core values, promoting unique travel experiences and reminding us to keep the oceans clean.


Despite the importance of the ocean for the Planet’s health, pollution is quickly becoming one of the biggest challenge of 21st century.


Humanity dumps an estimated of 26 billion pounds of plastic each year. That is equivalent, in weight, to 100 000 individuals of the biggest animal on Earth – the Blue Whale


Around the world, there are 5 huge garbage patches with a significant content in plastic that ends up in the oceans. The biggest one is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch - made up of 1.8 trillion pieces of trash, it covers an area twice the size of Texas.


At Morpho Travel Experience, we believe that every effort towards a better future matters. In order to have a long-lasting impact, it is crucial to join energies with like minded people.


Shelly our Traveling Ambassador looks forward to spreading a message about marine life to thousands of travelers in the airports and hotels where we operate. As part of our commitment, we are pleased to announce that 5% of every sale of Shelly will go to The Ocean Clean Up, the non profit organization developing and scaling plastic-harvesting technologies to rid the oceans of floating plastic.