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We open Rumbo Perú, a store that is not only a tribute to Peru's cultural richness due to the variety of Peruvian products it offers, but also a beacon of sustainability in a world calling for more planet-friendly practices in its construction.

It has been 18 years since Morpho Travel Experience embarked on an incredible journey, operating several stores and restaurants at the renowned Jorge Chávez Airport. From Britt Shop Peru to Britt Café Bakery, Mercadito Gourmet and CLA (Latin American Community of Artisans), these spaces have enriched the travel experience of those who walk through their doors.

But there's one thing that has always distinguished these places: their strong commitment to authentic Peruvian essence. And now, with the opening of Rumbo Perú, this tradition continues to thrive. In every corner of Rumbo Perú, an authentic experience unfolds, spanning from the coasts to the Andean peaks, and deep into the dense jungle of our country. The store becomes a platform that pays tribute to Peru's rich culture.

"Rumbo Perú is not just a physical space, but a silent witness to the extraordinary journeys that thousands of tourists undertake through our country, being impressed by our deep-rooted traditions, our exquisite cuisine, and our ancestral culture," says Adriana Echandi, CEO of Morpho Travel Experience.

From unique crafts that tell stories to gourmet chocolates that awaken the senses, Rumbo Perú has become a treasure for travelers seeking to carry with them a tangible piece of Peruvian magic. "It's a place where tourists can find a piece of Peru, a souvenir that encapsulates the wonder of their adventures here. Whether it's a meticulously handcrafted pieces, delicious chocolates that are a true feast for the palate, or even coffee that awakens the senses, everything aligns to tell our story," Echandi adds.

But Rumbo Perú is not only a tribute to Peru's cultural richness, but also a beacon of sustainability in a world calling for more planet-friendly practices. After 6 months of hard work, the store is a testament to environmental commitment. Its foundations have been built with renewable materials, and its interior shines under completely LED lighting, an eco-gesture that reduces its carbon footprint. In addition, its wooden furniture and meticulously crafted decor by a local artisan add a touch of authenticity and warmth.

Rumbo Perú is not just a stopover for travelers, but an experience that captures the very essence of Peru and offers a glimpse of its diversity and sustainability. As Morpho Travel Experience continues its mission to connect people with the wonders of Peru, Rumbo Perú stands out as a new milestone in this endless journey.


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