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We celebrate Earth Day with simultaneous volunteering efforts in Panama and Costa Rica, aimed at restoring deforested areas.

In a gesture of unity and commitment to our planet, today we have celebrated Earth Day in Panama and Costa Rica. On this special day, we lift our hearts and take actions to care for and preserve the only home we all share: our beautiful planet.

Earth Day is a powerful reminder that together, we can make a difference and be responsible stewards of our environment. In this collective effort for sustainability and conservation, we join Pro Parques initiative to protect the natural treasures and biodiversity that surround us.

This celebration is not just for a day, but a call to constant action. Every small effort counts in our mission to care for our planet and provide a greener and healthier future for generations to come.

As we celebrate Earth Day, we remember the importance of investing in our planet, acting responsibly in the face of climate change, and making a positive impact on our environment. This commitment is not just for today, but for every day to come.

Happy Earth Day to everyone! May this day inspire us to take concrete and ongoing steps to protect and preserve our shared home.


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