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The agreement includes the opening of three innovative commercial spaces in the future new terminal of Lima.

Lima Airport Partners (LAP) and Morpho Travel Experience have formalized a new commercial agreement that will mark a milestone in the travel experience at Jorge Chávez International Airport. This pact will lead to the opening of three cutting-edge retail spaces in Lima's future single terminal.

Adriana Echandi, CEO of Morpho Travel Experience, expressed her enthusiasm, saying, "This agreement represents a significant step in our mission to offer travelers a unique and authentic experience in Peru. We are excited to collaborate with Lima Airport Partners to bring these new commercial spaces to life, capturing the essence of Peru's rich heritage. We hope travelers enjoy the offerings and experiences we have prepared for them."

The initiative aims to highlight the country's cultural identity, providing passengers with an experience that emphasizes the authenticity and richness of Peru's heritage. The agreement includes the opening of three innovative commercial spaces in the future new terminal of Lima.

Firstly, in the international departure area, "Rumbo Perú" introduces new stores of nearly 500 m2 (5400 sq ft) dedicated to offering all international passengers the best of Peruvian culture. Travelers can immerse themselves in the essence and traditions of Peru's native people, enjoying a wide variety of coffee, chocolate, crafts, textiles, and souvenirs.

Secondly, another "Rumbo Perú" store will quickly open in the national area, focusing on local and international tourists about to discover the wonders of this ancient country.

Lastly, "Retablo" is a new concept rooted in Peruvian traditions. Here, indigenous crafts and products with stories that evoke past generations and cherished memories are showcased.

Norbert Onkelbach, Commercial Central Manager of LAP, expressed confidence in the quality and experience of Morpho, stating, "We celebrate this significant agreement and have full confidence in the quality and experience of our strategic partners, Morpho Travel Experience, who will contribute to offering passengers an experience that highlights the Peruvian identity during their visit and journey through the new passenger terminal. Likewise, at Lima Airport Partners, we aim to become a cultural platform that brings the identity of this rich country closer to thousands of national and international tourists and transmits its vast ancient heritage."

This exciting project promises to enrich the travelers' experience and establish Jorge Chávez International Airport as a destination that not only connects flights but also provides a window into the rich Peruvian culture.


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