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Morpho: as Chilean as wine

Fifteen years ago, we arrived in this magnificent land in the south of the continent. We went into its markets, visited its villages, connected with its artisans, and discovered behind each loom, each clay pot, each wicker basket, and each poncho a unique and sublime story. That is what we do at Morpho every time we arrive in a country: we connect with its culture, we learn from its history, we vibrate to the rhythm of its heartbeat. That is why each of our stores is a little piece with the aroma of the country that hosts it, because we have designed them to house the best of the traditions of those who today are our hosts.

We currently operate in six regional airports: Calama, Iquique, Concepción, Puerto Montt and Punta Arenas, in addition to 15 stores in Santiago de Chile. They say that in the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity, and so it was for Morpho in 2020.

In the midst of a pandemic that filled us with fear and cast a shadow of uncertainty, we were presented with the opportunity to participate in a tender, which kept us busy and full of enthusiasm, focused on designing a value proposition that would allow us to win. And we did! We were awarded 16 commercial spaces totaling 3926 m2, which will strengthen our expansion in Chile with the opening of five food and beverage stores and eleven retail stores in the new terminal of the Santiago international airport.

As of February 2022, Chileans, and all travelers from other countries transiting through these airports, will live unique and memorable experiences in our fascinating stores.

At Morpho, we know our customers very well: from those who are in a hurry on their phones and need a bottle of water and a good book to those couples in love who take advantage of their last moments in the country to buy a keychain or a magnet that will remind them of their unforgettable trip. We know them so well that we know when they are in a hurry and need a quick service or when they need advice on the best gift. We also know that some come and others go, and that what they need from us is a friendly and exceptional service, which makes them feel confident about the country they are visiting and that, with our smile, we share with them a little bit of the culture of the country where they are.

At Morpho, innovation is what sets us apart. We have revolutionized the market with different, creative concepts that stimulate the senses and fit the spirit of the times.

“We have great expectations, and although we have opened dozens of stores in the past, the truth is that each opening is a new story, as exciting as when we opened the first one 15 years ago. The good news is that we are bringing new concepts, attractive modern stores with renewed designs, which use characteristic elements of the country such as copper and stones. We believe that the openings will be up to what Santiago's new international terminal seeks and deserves. Also, we are very happy to do our bit for the growth and recovery of investment and employment in the country.” Atilio Derosas, Country General Manager (Chile), commented.

Our innovations for Chile will amaze you. Since february, we will offer the following options:

Let's start with Casa Chile: The true spirit of the Chilean artisan will be in this store, where travelers will find a lot of beautiful handicrafts and delicate gourmet products, made by Chilean entrepreneurs.

For jewelry lovers, a mandatory stop will be Jewelry Me, where they can find the finest Chilean jewelry and original silver, copper, and gold craftwork. There you will find the perfect gift for refined tastes.

We know that between connecting flights there is always time to check our email over a delicious cup of coffee. That's why we're opening Britt Café Bakery, where travelers can savor the most exquisite French pastries accompanied by gourmet coffee, as well as a variety of lunch options and tasty breakfasts.

And as in any airport in the world, for travelers who always appreciate a delightful cocktail, we will open Bartolomé: a pleasant and relaxed place, a bar where you can indulge yourself with the taste and quality of delicious traditional Chilean seafood, in addition to our local wines and cocktails.

And what everyone likes, a tasty place with a hint of cheese and basil, California Pizza Kitchen: a delicious pizza with an international menu that will be the favorite place for those who want to experience a unique pizza or pasta.

We could not leave out our Britt Shop legacy: a store that offers traditional gifts, souvenirs, t-shirts, chocolates, and mementos that capture the essence and culture of the country. Every traveler will be tempted to visit us and buy a souvenir of their trip to Chile.

For those who love a good steak in the best Chilean barbecue style, we will offer Bárbaro: a delicious menu with international options ideal for "meat lover" travelers.

El Salar de Sol is a very exclusive gift, handicrafts, and traditional spices store, where travelers will be delighted with its variety and good taste.

In the public area, the traveler will find Patagónico del Sur, a very special gift store, the perfect option for those saying goodbye and those welcoming visitors.

And finally, the essential Travel Market: snacks, refreshments, and everything tourists need at the last minute; the convenience store with optimal assortments.

Morpho works hand in hand with PRODEMU, an organization that generates opportunity networks for more than 60,000 women in Chile. Morpho supports the entrepreneurship of these women, which contributes to improving their quality of life and that of their families.

One of the initiatives we are most proud of at Morpho is to promote a collaborative platform called Comunidad Latinoamericana de Artesanos or CLA (Latin American Community of Artisans) intended to connect Latin American artisans through digital media so as to attract younger generations. The platform provides them with comprehensive support and tools for the creation of their products, generating a positive impact on the participating communities.

At Morpho we believe that working closely with artisans and producers implies having principles of fair trade and respect for history and traditions. That is why we work with KERUS, which provides us with products ethically handmade and with designation of origin.

We are confident that better times are coming, that air travel will bounce back strong, and that passengers will return to air travel in big numbers. We are confident in the skills and resilience of our team. We have already demonstrated that, even in the most difficult times we have ever experienced, we were able to move forward and we will continue to do so. We will continue to leave a mark on our artisans, on those entrepreneurs who give their all every day, on their communities, and on the entire powerful chain that tourism generates, a wonderful source of employment and well-being.

“At Morpho we are very proud and happy to celebrate, on May 5, 21 years of generating magical experiences for more than 10 million passengers who have traveled to and from the countries where we have a presence today: Costa Rica, Peru, Chile, Curacao, Antigua and Barbuda, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Brazil and New Caledonia.” Said Adriana Echandi, CEO of Morpho Travel Experience.

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